Formosa Champagne Oolong Tea | Premium Chinese Tea | Taiwanese Tea

Discover the distinctive pleasures of drinking Formosa Tea by choosing Justmake. Collecting and backing best quality teas from all over Taiwan island, JUSTMAKE provides mostly semi-fermented Formosa teas with different features. With its fresh taste, you will experience the purity, sweetness, and soothing quality as the tea-gardeners just make the teas.



Exclusively cultivated in Taiwan, Formosa Oolong Tea has the highest level of fermentation among Taiwan Teas. Entirely hand-picked and carefully selected from the top-most leaves, it brews into a beautiful amber, full-bodied, fruity-sweet flavored beverage – thus the name “Champagne Oolong.” It is highly acclaimed for its superior quality and owns its fame in western society.

Weight 150 g

150 g



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