Benefits of Formosa Oolong Tea

formosa oolong tea
September 20, 2021 0 Comments

Oolong tea, known for its unique taste is a traditional Chinese tea that combines the qualities of green & dark teas, giving it several purported health benefits. From weight loss to reducing stress, improved blood sugar management, improve heart health & brain function there are several benefits that make it a good solution for those who are caffeine sensitive.

Taiwan produces some of the most fragrant, flavorful, and beautiful oolong teas in the world and one among them is the Formosa oolong tea. This was formulated from a variety of tea plants in the year 1981 and became famous since then for its uniquely smooth, sweet, fragrant flavor with a traditional refreshing aroma.

Here are the benefits of Formosa oolong tea:

1) Formosa Tea also named the King Hsuan, is famous for its sweet, smooth fragrant flavor. This type of oolong tea has a cool and traditional refreshing aroma with a silky texture.

2) Formosa oolong tea is semi-fermented and unscented, and therefore it gives an extraordinarily refreshing flavor.  On the whole, this cup of brew is a combination of nature and modern cultivation

3) The flavor of this oolong tea is mild and has a floral aroma. Its buttery, delicate vegetal character makes it a soothing and clean aftertaste.

4) The King Hsuan batch of Formosa tea or oolong tea is sourced mainly from an artisan who has immense knowledge about Taiwanese tea.

5) The Formosa oolong tea is basically made with dark brown leaves and stems. The leaves style can be either open or closed. This partially oxidized tea undergoes one of the most difficult and time-consuming methods of processing.

6) Formosa Oolong tea is associated with numerous health benefits including decreasing high blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, improved bone and teeth density, boost the immune system. It is also rich in antioxidants; therefore like other types of oolong tea, Formosa tea also increases energy levels and helps in maintaining your weight to lead a healthy lifestyle. Other benefits are preventing diabetes, increases brain function, improves the digestive system, supports skin health.

7) Some people even have a cup of Formosa oolong tea along with their meals to suppress the appetite and prevent over-eating.

8) To steep Formosa Oolong tea, make sure you steep the Formosa at a low temperature of water to extract a sweeter, lighter, and tastier cup of oolong tea. Once made, you can steep the same for multiple infusions up to 3 to 4 times.

9) Formosa oolong tea is known to be one of the best oolong tea from Taiwan and they are highly acclaimed for their complexity. The island-type climate in areas of Taiwan is quite humid and warm, and this gives the oolong tea that rich aroma & flavor.

10) As it is caffeinated excessive intake can lead to certain side effects like headache, stomach pain and anxiety, insomnia, and heart palpitations.


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